Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yawn

W is for watermelon

            Fooling around in his laboratory, Roland Spaush was quite delighted to discover it was easy to change the genome of the common, everyday watermelon.  Whereas it once only came in red or pink, he found he could now grow them in exciting colors such as electric purple, lime green, and bright blue.  It was a marketing sensation.  Parents and children alike loved them for their uniqueness.

            Roland Spaush became extremely wealthy.  Not from his watermelon discovery, but from stock in toothpaste companies.  Colorful watermelons were fun to eat, but it was incredibly hard to remove their colors from your teeth.

X is for Xavier

            Xavier knew he was different from the other kids.  He could run faster and solved math problems quicker.  His teachers called it “natural ability,” but to Xavier, it was more.

            He asked his father about it.  “Dad, why am I so different?”

            His father grumbled while holding the newspaper with two hands.  “Ask your mother!  I wasn’t the one swimming in toxic waste when I was pregnant!  I wasn’t the one planting a garden in the radiation zone!”  With his third hand, he reached for his beer.

            Xavier decided he was going to try harder to fit in at school.

Y is for Yawn

            Elizabeth was so tired. 

            Everything blurred together into one, giant mass.  She tried to stay up for as long as she could, but her mouth slowly formed into a yawn, and then two.  Her head gently fell into the pillow.  Elizabeth watched the tender light float around the room.  She would only close her eyes for a moment…

            When Elizabeth woke up, she was gone.  She knew she would sneak out as soon as she fell asleep.

            Under her pillow, Elizabeth found a five dollar bill.  She was disappointed.  She would have rather had the tooth fairy as a friend. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these facts about various letters! I like it!...Daniel

  2. I lie Y very much :) It's really interesting.

  3. just dropped in on doing the rounds of a-z - liked posts will be back after the madness to see you better - nearly there - wasn't it fun

  4. Your 'W' story sounds like fun, imagine colors of watermelon sticking to your teeth!

    Thanks for visiting n following my blog, it means a lot to me:)

  5. This was cool. Thanks for visiting my blog!