Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Nothing

            As she was stirring the spaghetti sauce, she heard a loud bang that shook the cupboard doors. 
“Aaron, what are you doing down there?”
             “Nothing!” He called to his mother from the basement.
              Aaron kicked his machine one more time.  He wished he could get that horribly loud clunking noise to go away.  It was going to bring his mother down here one day when he wasn’t home.  And he really didn’t want that.
                “Nothing, Mom, Sorry!” 
                He could see the headlines now.  Fifteen year old counterfeits money beyond detection—goes to jail because of his loud machine. 


  1. My mother would be delighted.

  2. Mine too. Hahahaha. I wrote this story because about two weeks ago I took out $2,000 dollars from my bank and brought it to a different bank. Of course, I asked for it in $100 bills. When I got to my friends bank, they informed me one of my bills was a fake. Take about upsetting. My bank was awesome about it and refunded my money, but by law they don't have to. Scary!

  3. That was fun! The counterfeiting took me by surprise. You have such a wry sense of humor - I love it!

  4. Ah, thank you! I really appreciate the support I'm getting from everyone. :)

  5. I like the ends of your stories they are always a cool surprise.

  6. The blog is very good!

  7. Great story twist. "Nothing"-- the classic response heard by parents from their kids, but usually not in such a dramatic context as this.

    Enjoyed it.

    Tossing It Out
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  8. hahaha I love the twist. Fun story.

  9. A very entertaining bit of flash. :) Thanks for sharing it.