Current Work

Published Work:
(The writing other people see fit to print.)
Short Stories



“The Subsequent Existence Corporation”

“The Green Flannel Napkin”

“The Autumn Rock”

“The Present”

Flash Fiction

"Sign on the Dotted Line"

"Better than a Smoke"

"The Fool" (part of “The Storytellers Tarot”)

"The Sun" (part of “The Storytellers Tarot”)

"The Hanged Man"  (part of “The Storytellers Tarot”)

Blog Exclusives:
(The writing you can find on the blog.  Read the stories here.)

Flash Fiction

“Joseph’s Sailboat”

“The Magician and his Pet”

“The Doll”

The A to Z challenge (26, 100 word stories.  I’m not listing them all.)

"The Vow"


"Wise Choices"


"Second Chances"

Short Stories

"Bracelet in the Bush”

"The Danger of Knowing Your Name"

"Coffee Tears"

“The House at the End of the Road”

Work Awaiting Publication:
(Writing that is looking for a home.)

Short Stories

"Pam's Glasses"

“The Storytellers Tarot”

“The Scrapbook”

"Grieving Parents"

Short Story Collections

“Almost Midnight”

Includes the stories “One,” “Two,” “Three,” “Four,” “Five,” “Six,” “Seven,” “Eight,” “Nine,” “Ten,” and “Eleven” (“Eleven” and "One" have been published.  See above.)


Includes the stories "Bedroom," "Bathroom," "Kitchen," "Living Room," "Computer Room," "Laundry Room," and "Back Porch" 

One-Act Plays



“Two Keys and the Timberlands”