A Story for Every Season

A Story for Every Season

I love the four seasons. Each one has its own feeling to it.  I live in a place where we have extreme—EPIC—season changes. Experiencing transformation of this magnitude inspires me to write.    

Serial stories are one type of fiction I like to write.  You know, like collectable plates you hang on the wall. 

My love of weather changes, as well as my love of stories in a series, has inspired me to do a project.  I am going to produce a story for each season.  Then, I’m going to e-mail this story to everyone who wants it—free of charge!  I will do this four times a year, on the first day of spring, of summer, of fall and winter.  The story you get will be a never-before-seen piece of fiction, written by me.  A week or two later, I will post the story on my blog.

“But Rebecca!  I want to be one of the people who get the e-mail and a first look at the story!  I don’t want to wait until two weeks after it’s been released to read it on your blog!”  FEAR NOT!!  I am telling you how to get your name on that exclusive list... Now!

It’s easy.  All you have to do is enter your e-mail address either as comment, or you can e-mail me at rebeccadupree@live.com with “A Story for Every Season” in the subject line.  Then you can sit back and look forward to your first story, coming on June 21st 2011.  Of course, it will have a summer theme.

In case you were wondering, I will not spam you or sell your e-mail address.  I’m nice like that.