Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Princess

               “When the time comes, she will marry the distinguished Prince Pangari the IV.  They will rule over the kingdom together.  The reign will be a righteous and noble one.”
                Prince Pangari looked at her across the stage.  For a moment, he broke his stiff and formal demeanor to wiggle his eyebrows at her.
                 Why did every prince her father chose for her have huge, hairy eyebrows?  Alyse smiled at her intended.  It didn’t hurt to flirt. Besides, her father would just break this marriage contract, like he did every other one.  Alyse was confidant she would rule her country—alone. 


  1. Strong princess character FTW! Hehe, I love the little eyebrow flirt. ;)

  2. Oh my! It seems it will require a particularly impressive Prince to share rule with this Princess - and not simply someone "distinguished".

    At least this one knew enough to unbend a little. But, for Alyse, far more is going to be required.

  3. I like that Prince Pangari showed his playful side during a serious ceremony. I think Alyse should give him a break.