Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Justified

               “Why shouldn’t we sentence you to death for the murder you committed?”
                Jordan hung his head.  “Please have mercy on me.  I didn’t have a choice.”
                “How do you think your victim felt?”
                Jordan stared at the floor.  “I am guilty, but I did it to save my child.”
                “And did it work?”
                “Yes.  The blood was the key ingredient.  I was able to make the cure. ”
                “The life of a child is barely worth the life of a unicorn.  Take him away.   Six months in the dungeon.”
                Jordan wept tears of gratitude.  They gave him a light sentence.


  1. Interesting, love the last line.

  2. I was wondering. Would the story be better if a "light sentence" was 60 years? 600 years? 6000 years? Opinions please!

  3. I'm really enjoying these flash pieces you're coming up with!

    Hmm. I think giving him 600 years as a "light sentence" would be a nice touch. :-)

  4. "Light sentence" would be more ironic as 60 or 600 years.

    BTW, poor unicorn.