So who is Rebecca L. Dupree anyway?
I am a 20-something fiction writer living in the Northeast part of the United States.  I am mainly a short story author, but I am just beginning to write longer pieces of work.  My fiction has been described as quirky, whimsical, and dark. One of the main goals of my work is to change the way a person perceives reality.  My characters are often ordinary people stuck in extraordinary circumstances. 

Do you have an agent?
At this point in my career, I have not found it necessary to work with one.  Short fiction is a vocation that really doesn’t require the help an agent provides.  That said, I am beginning to write longer prose.  By the summer of 2012, I will be seriously looking for an agent to call my own.    

Where do you get the ideas for your work?

I trade unicorns for story ideas with a muse who lives next door.   
Nah, just kidding.  But that is as good of an explanation as any others I heard.  My ideas just pop into my head, usually inspired by MY reality.  I do not accept story ideas from anyone else--I have enough of my own.