Monday, September 12, 2011

Amazing News!

Today I got the biggest thrill any writer could ever want.  Another acceptance letter!  My short story, "One" is being published in Nuthouse Magazine.  I am THRILLED!!!!  "One" is part of my short story collection, Almost Midnight.  This is a really special event for me because I wrote this collection for my husband, and it is my goal to get all eleven stories published in the next five years.  Why the time frame? Because in five years it will be out eleventh wedding anniversary, and we plan to renew our vows.    So, when I get one of these stories published, I am happy. 


On the writing front, it's ok.... not great, but not bad either.  September is such a busy month for me, writing always takes a backseat.  The studio opens and our kids go back to school.  And just because we like to make it FUN at my house, one of our children is home schooled and the other attends public school (and one is still in diapers), plus we have family that is getting married this year... so... yeah.  I'm busy.

But.. shhhh... I'm working on a poetry project.  Don't tell anyone!