Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cleaning Up My Head

So today is my first “super serious” day back in the writing game.  I say this because last weekend I had a blast at my family BBQ, so no writing got done.  Yesterday I did write, but not as much as I wanted to accomplish due to my son’s piano lesson.  Today, I have totally un-interrupted writing time.    

So what am I doing?  I’m basically cleaning up my head of all the great scraps of ideas that are running around inside.  I have a few un-finished pieces of work out there.  I want to be able to complete them.   I don’t like leaving things unfinished.  If I have a great idea for a story—I mean a really awesome idea—I will eventually get around to using it.  It might take me years, but I do usually end up incorporating it into my body of work. 

On the TO DO list today:

1-      Finish writing this blog entry. 

2-      Work on House, my collection of short stories based on each room of a house. 

3-      Take stalk of what I have published.  Sort out what I want to publish on my blog and what I would like to see in print. 

4-      Read what I have done so far on my novel.  Make notes.

There you have it. A little heads up, on Thursday I will be posting one of my stories.  I am not sure of which one yet.  You will have to tune in to find out!

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  1. Having a head clean out is always a good thing! Good luck.