Friday, August 10, 2012


So last time I talked about failure, this time I would like to talk about ambition. 

Ambition is what drives artistic people.  It turns our dreams into our reality.  It takes ambition to put what we see in our brains onto the paper and out into the world.  Of course, we say we make art to reflect what we see around us, to process our lives, to find beauty in the world, blah blah blah.  Don’t believe what we say.  Artist are mostly show offs.   *We want other people to acknowledge our work. *   I didn’t say praise, mind you.  Art for beauty’s sake and art for shock value are the same.  We want a reaction from others.  Because we’re all needy like that. 

I am guilty of this.  My main reason to write is because I got the stories.  I got a head full of them.  I have a laptop full of half finished work, notebooks with character sketches, and a half a million ideas floating through my head.  But I write them down to share with others.  I want a reaction from mankind. 

Which leads me to my word of the day: ambition.  It takes a lot of it to be a PUBLISHED writer.  If I want others to read my work, I’ve got to do the work of not only writing it, but marketing it too.  I’ve done very well for myself so far.  I have a half a dozen or so stories published and a beautiful (if neglected for awhile) blog.  I’ve got a Facebook and a Twitter.  I’ve sent out submissions by the 100s.  My next adventure?  A youtube channel.  I’m going to read my work to the masses. 

So, this being my second blog post in two days, I’m going to say I’m back on track.  My ambition is showing itself after a four month nap. Welcome back readers!  Check in every Tuesday and Thursday.   I will update, with bonus posting every once in awhile.  I guess since this is a Friday, this is considered a bonus post.  I feel like I’m just making up for lost time. 

Enjoy your weekend!  I will be at a family camp-out all weekend.  I look forward to this party every year.  Monday I’ll spend recovering.  By Tuesday, I’ll be up and running (and blogging!) again.

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