Monday, January 16, 2012

She's taking me hostage... in my brain!

                Have you ever had a character take over your story?

                I know what it’s like to have a character “tell” you things about themselves as you write.  I just wrote a story about a lady who had six kids.  Even though it wasn’t important to the story in any way, I had to write down their names and ages of her children before I could finish the work. 

                I’m experiencing something new.  I’m writing a story now about a lady, Kathe, that has suffered a terrible tragedy.  I’m finding it is very hard to write about her in a cohesive way.  I keep jotting down little parts of her story, and then move on and add a little bit more of the narrative.  It’s like she’s inside my head—she’s just letting me know a fraction of what she’s going through.  The more she trusts me, the more she tells me.  Her way of thinking is taking over mine.  I hate to say this about a character, but she’s a little bit crazy. 

                Or maybe it’s me.  :P 

2012 Countdown

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Stories written:  2

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