Saturday, January 7, 2012

busy so far this year!

                I am sorry I skipped Friday’s post.  Here is it, one day late.

On Wednesday, I posted my story, “The Danger of Knowing Your Name.”  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I wrote this story in 2011, sent it out a few times, and didn’t get a hit.  It has finally found a home on my blog.

                On the topic of publishing to my website, a few entries back I said I was going to put up ALL of my 2011 work on the blog.  Since then, I have put up two stories.  They’re good stories, and I’m proud of them.  But honestly, now that I’ve reviewed my work from the past year, I’ve decided that four of my stories that haven’t been published yet are really good.  I have made the decision to continue submitting these four stories.  If they have not been published by the end of the year, I will put them up on the blog to share with all of you.  Until then, I believe I should give them a fair chance at being published.

                So I’m hot on the trail of getting my work out in 2012.  I have already written and submitted a story for The First Line.   I am writing a four part epic tale to also submit to The First Line for the February dead line.  Today, I am planning to find places to submit to for three of my four stories.  The fourth one I will submit to Strange Horizons.  Their submission manager opens again on the first of February.    My goal for 2012 is to have twelve stories published.  You could say one story for every month of the year.  Or double last years publications.  I just want to say I published 12 stories this year. 

                Final thought for the day:  I have added one thing to my writing bucket list.  I want to be published in Strange Horizons.  They do not accept simultaneous submissions, which is why I am saving that fourth story.  I will wait for that February 1st deadline. 

2012 Countdown

Stories Published:   -

Stories written:  1

Stories submitted:  1

Stories rejected:  -


  1. Congratulations on setting such clear goals and sticking to them - good luck with the submissions too!