Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Rejection of the Year. Should I celebrate?

I’ve noticed that a lot of journals are beginning to ask for $2.00 to submit to their magazines.  That’s fine with me. I don’t mind donating.  But to be honest, I’d rather e-mail my stories or submit through submishmash, and then I can pay for a subscription to a few journals a year.  By studying other people’s work I improve my craft, plus I just like to read.  

But sometimes, I make exceptions. 

Two nights ago, I spent two dollars and submitted “Houseplants,” a one act play I am trying to get published.  The theme of the work was right.  The play is an amazing piece of work (in my opinion).  I thought it would work out.  HA!  Only one night later, while I was working on more submission, I had the biggest letdown.

                REJECTION!  First one of the year.  Boo.

                First of all, I was already having a crappy day.  Second of all, it felt like they didn’t even read it!  It was less than 24 hours before it came hurdling back through my e-mail account.  I was so let down.  I guess I’m just trying to find a home for my one-act play.  They’re so hard to place!  I really enjoyed writing it.  I guess now I’d really enjoy finding it a home.  Anyone know of any journals that accept one-act plays?  Hmmmm?

                As we all know, rejection is part of the joy of a creative life.  Back to the submissions list.

2012 Countdown

Stories Published:   -

Stories written:  2

Stories submitted:  60

Stories rejected:  1


  1. I guess the benefit of such a fast rejection is you didn't have to wait and wonder, but still! I have no idea how to publish one act plays, or screenplays either. Good luck with your submissions!

  2. Some literary magazines publish them. I just searching for the right one. That's easy, right? ;)

  3. Good luck!! What's annoying about a fast rejection is that it gives me the sense that they did not really consider the work. Too much power in their hands..