Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Excuses

Obliviously, in the grand scheme of things, I am NOT a big time writer.  That is the first thing that needs to be said.  I don’t know if I am qualified to give out any advice.  But I’ve been itching to get this off my chest, so here I go. 

In my “inner circle” of friends and family, I’m kinda of a big deal.  (Heh.  Anchorman reference.  Love that movie!) I’ve been published a half a dozen times, run this blog, and I have about twenty stories I push my friends and family read.  A lot of people have said, “Dude!  How do you do this?  I never have time to write!”

                Well, it’s a heck of a lot of work. As my fellow authors out there already know, being a writer is a big job.  A job you don’t get paid for.  Someday I might, yes, that’s true, but for the most part I take hours out of my life to devote to my craft.  I give up time with my husband, hanging out with my friends, and other hobbies just to write.  I can’t tell you the last time I watched TV.  My house is mostly a disaster and I don’t fold most of my laundry.  I write.

                I have a job.  I have three kids and a dog and a cat.  I squeeze in my craft because I want the stories inside of me to go into the world.  I want to captivate and excite readers.  I want to be someone’s favorite author. 

                So….write.  That is my advice to you.  The difference between a person who wants to be a writer and a person who is a writer is just words on paper.  DO IT!

                And don’t forget to submit your work.  But that’s another blog post.


2012 Countdown

Stories Published:   -

Stories written:  2

Stories submitted:  71

Stories rejected:  3


  1. Lots of people cannot priorize what they want to do and try to do everything. They end up really doing nothing. YOU have discipline!