Sunday, December 4, 2011

The First Line

One of my favorite literary journals to read is The First Line.  It is on my writing bucket list to be published by this journal.  I have submitted five times, give or take a submission.   Each story has been rejected, but I have no hard feelings towards the magazine.  The editors have always included feedback with their rejections, which I feel is kind.  Anytime someone puts in the effort to help me with my writing, I appreciate it.
Anyway, the entire point of this journal is to write a story with the “first line” they give you.  There are four lines given per year.  Each line has its own due date.  If you want to write a four part story, all four parts are due by the first deadline.   
The new lines for 2012 are out.  I have started my story for the first deadline, February 1st.  I might even write a four part story if I can find the time between now and the first of February.  I encourage you guys to check it out.  Even if you don’t end up writing your own story, supporting a literary journal by purchasing a copy always is appreciated—not only by the editors, but by us writers.  If there were no literary journals, who would publish our work?
On that note, have a great week everyone!  Happy writing!

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  1. I love this one too. I love the prompts they give. Definitely sparks my creativity. Everyone should check it out!