Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toy, IF

The Doll

                "Tackle her.  Grab the doll.  Rip it to shreds."
                Emma halted.  She could run, but she wouldn't get far before they caught her.
                "Go away."  Her voice wobbled.
                The three of them laughed and pounced.  They snatched Emma's doll, which was nestled in her backpack pocket.  Amber, their ringleader, lifted Marbles above her head.
                "Poor dolly," she said, ripping the arm off.                                                                               
                The sound of Amber's arm breaking was as loud as her scream.  Terrified, the bullies scattered.
                Emma picked her doll of the cement.  Marbles showed no sign of damage.  Smiling, Emma returned the toy to her backpack pocket.   

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