Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The most important thing is persistence

         This weekend was quite productive.  I completed my ghost story for this contest.  In all honesty, it is such a process to do the final edit.  But when it is finished I feel so amazing!  Two weekends ago, I wrote the story.  When I finish a piece, my husband (editor) looks at it and gives me feedback.  After that first reading, we let it sit for a week.  It needs time to rest, similar to letting bread dough rise. 
When that week is over, I re-read my story.  First I usually visit the areas in need of improvement.  Second, I do an entire read through and clean up anything I need to, plus delete any extra words and sentences that don’t fit with the flow of the story.   Then it’s back to the editor, then it’s back to me, and then one final read through with both of us, and then, finally, into the envelope to be sent off.
Needless to say, I was excited about submitting it.  I couldn’t wait to get to the post office.  When I finished work, I raced to get it there.  I arrived and… I forgot the dollar amount of the money order I needed.  (Many contests have reading fees or entry fees.  This is normal.  This is how they can afford to give out prize money.)  I had to drive home and check the amount off the contest web page. 
I get home, check the amount, and leave again.  I drive down to the post office and… grrr… I left my manuscript at home!  I drive back home and grab it, then drive all the way back to the post office.  It’s a good thing I only live a half mile away. 
I’m finally there.  I buy my money order and fill it out.  I’m super excited.  I glance down at my manuscript.  I notice I typed the zip code wrong.  I can’t win.  Luckily, my post master is awesome and amazing, and looked the zip code up for me. 
When I win this contest, it will be worth it. 
So now that this project is finished, it is time to look forward.  I have already started a story for this next deadline.  I picked to write on the subject of beauty.  If all goes right, I can send this story out on Saturday or Monday of next week.  This should be a good one.  I am inspired and ready to write.

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