Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Post

The idea of blogging intrigues me.  I think it is a really nifty way of communicating with the world.  I enjoy watching the process of thoughts and emotions developing over a period of time.  Even before blogs were the “in” thing to do, I loved journals and diaries.  I have worn out two copies of Anne Frank since 5th grade.  Well, today I am taking action.  I took the advice of all the writing magazines and publishing websites.  Here is my blog devoted to my writing career and publishing journey. 
Who am I, you ask?  I am a 28 year old writer living in New York State.  I have been writing stories pretty much all my life, but without any purpose or direction.  A little less than a year ago I had a terrible disappointment, which wasn’t so terrible after all, it kick started my butt into becoming serious about my writing career.   
Outside my writing career I have an extremely busy life.  I have a husband, three kiddos, two dogs and a cat.  My career is in the Arts, and I also work closely with teenagers.  I am an artist, although my husband claims I am a better writer than an artist.  I tend to believe him. 
My goals for this blog?  First, to connect with others in the writing/publishing world.  Second, to build a web presence around my craft.  Third, well, um… when I have a third goal, I’ll let you know!

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