Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just a not-so-quick checking in...

-I have updated my Current Work and Publications part of the blog.  I have been terrible about this.  I was published in Barbaric Yawp in November and I haven't even updated my blog about it.  I am a horrible, lazy person.  If you haven't heard of Barbaric Yawp, you should get ahold of a copy or even subscribe, because it is amazing.  The editor, John, is a very friendly and awesome man.  He is the first friend I have "made in the business."  Check them out here.

-Blogoversary in 6 days!  Oh, yeah.  There will be a celebratory story to go with it.... stay tuned!

-Ever have a great idea that just doesn't work out?   I am about half way through a working draft, but I have a major problem.  I can't tell the stupid story with out several flashbacks.  GRAHHH!!  Driving me nuts!  Now, I don't know if it's because I am having a problem with structure, or if I am still stuck writing "Grieving Parents."  "Grieving Parents" was told in a series of flashbacks.  I wanted that story to go back and forth.  I really don't want this story to do that.  I guess I will try my hands at it again tonight.

-Just letting all my readers out there know that 5x5 fiction is having an open submission for their next issue.  The theme?  Erotica.  Woo-hoo!  This time it's not for the kiddos!  Seriously, though, this magazine never is.  I love this publication.  Besides the fact that it's available for all to read on the Internet free of charge, it's a nifty concept.  Deadline is June 1st for anyone interested.  Website here.

2012 Countdown

Stories Published: -

Stories written: 3

Stories submitted: 83

Stories rejected: 19

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