Monday, May 9, 2011

Something new!

                I’m starting something new today and I think it’s a nifty idea.  It’s a cross between a gift and a one-person magazine.  I call it “A Story for Every Season.”  I’m putting a link on the top of my blog with the complete description.  See it here.  I hope you all join and enjoy every story I send your way.

                If you would like to sign up, do so, and I’ll send you some stories.  They will be fantastic and you’ll love each and every one of them.  J 

                Here’s your daily dose of cuteness.  Last night, when I was writing late at night, something fell on my hand.  It was a ladybug!  Super cute!  It crawled off my hand and sat on my keyboard for two hours while I typed away. 

I named him Charlie and felt a little less lonely while working.

I’ve updated my “Publications” page at the top of the blog.  This is my complete publication resume.  Check it out. 

Last blurb for today: I got another “well, we’re not going to publish your story” letter, but it wasn’t quite a rejection.  The magazine is taking a break from printing for “at least a year.”  Oh well.  I try to research this information before I send my work out, but a few still slip through my detection.  Plus, two rejection letters came in the mail this morning.  One was for “Eleven,” which is fine by me because it’s been published elsewhere.

                Until tomorrow! 


  1. Oooh, how neat that you're doing a story for the seasons. I'd love to read them--I think you still have my email address?

    THAT LADYBUG. SO CUTE!! I can't believe it stayed there for so long!

  2. I do still have your e-mail. I have to answer your last one back!

  3. Sorry to hear about your non
    -acceptance letter. I looked around your blog and love what you have done! I will definitely keep up with your new stories!

  4. That's a great idea!

    Charlie is really cute. :)

  5. I hope you put Charlie outside so he won't starve. Cute.