Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blooger? Are you messing with me?

My last blog post had 4 comments and now they've disappeared.  Unless I'm crazy, I think blogger deleted my comments.  I suppose it could have been me by accident, but I don't think I would have done it without knowing it... Hmmm, note to self:  lay off the hard liquor while posting. 

(Just kidding.  I don't drink.)

This weekend will be great for writing.  It's raining AGAIN so we aren't putting in the garden.  I wasn't kidding when I said I like to grow pumpkins. 

I've been rejected from The First Line for my story "The Present".  This makes 3 rejections from this magazine. I will not give up!  I have convinced myself I will get into this journal.  It's the goal I'm working towards.  It was the first literary journal I found when searching to publish, so I have this soft spot in my heart for it.  Getting into The First Line is at the top of my writing bucket list. 

When I wrote that last sentence I never realized I even had a writing bucket list.  What a great concept.  I have the subject of my next post: My Writing Bucket List.  I'm sure every writer has one.  What is yours?

If you haven't signed up for A Story for Every Season, there is still time!  As of now, I have 43 people on the list to receive their exclusive story about one month from now.  June 21st will be a great day: the start of summer and new fiction to read! 



  1. Yep Blogger did this to everyone. Happy Friday the 13th from Blogger!

  2. It completely deleted my new blog I had started on the 12th - grr! :)

    How do I become number 44? I like stories. And seasons. :)

  3. People all over the blogosphere have lost posts, draft posts and comments. *shakes fist at Blogger*

  4. Blogger did this to everyone, yeah. I am still waiting to get back my weekly Thursday post.

  5. I lost a bunch of comments, too.

    A writer bucket list. Hrm, I'm going to have to think about that one!

  6. Blogger has been acting wierd all week, not just on the 13th... and if it's any consolation, my husband came home to discover that a mouse had eaten all his squash seedlings (including the pumpkins, of course) ... not just eaten, but decided she liked them and dug the rest up out of the seedling trays....

    gardening is sometimes a test from the gods...

  7. Blogger is not doing so well on my friends list at the moment. They rank bottom! Hopefully they have got their act together now.

  8. I realized I am officially addicted to blogging when I really started freaking out about the lack of Blogger... I probably checked the status updates 30 times...

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am giving out awards on my blog today, and I gave you one... I'd love it if you stopped by to grab it! :)