Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So what else happened in April???

·         I made my blog pretty.  I drew the picture above with colored pencils and then scanned it.  I am in love with this picture!  I wished I wrote in a place that looked like that.  I usually write in my living room, with a pile of unfolded laundry at my feet and something sticky on the keyboard.  I also added several pages to the top of my blog.  Now I just have to fill them in.

·         I wrote a 17 page story about working class women.  I had an idea kicking around for a few months, and when I sat down to finally write it, I got this monster.  It is so long, I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  I also wrote it two endings for it: one happy, the other, not so much.  When I decide what to do with it, I’ll let you know.  I think I might send it to a journal called The Long Story.    I’m also thinking about cutting several thousand words off it and submit it to Struggle.

·         I got eight rejection letters in the mail. 

·         I wrote for “Write to win!”  I submitted a 1,497 word story titled, “The House at the End of the Road.”

·         I wrote and submitted to The First Line.  The story was called “The Present.”

·         I sent out 15 submissions to different journals.  Always exciting!

·         I made business cards.  So now, whenever people ask me, “What do you do?”  I can hand them a business card, complete with my website address.  Free advertising!


  1. The picture is LOVELY. I want to visit a place that looks like that.

    Sounds like your writing/submitting is insanely busy and productive!

    (Oh, and speaking of which, you commented on my blog about beta readers and how I found them. I was looking for an email address for you where I could discuss it a little more, but couldn't find one. You said you'd have a novel ready soon--what kind of novel is it? What are you looking for in beta readers?)

  2. Hey,
    Are you a member of critiquecircle.com? A good place to get general feedback on short stories or chapters.
    Moody Writing

  3. 'morning!

    You've been a very, very busy gal. Rejection letters are a useful measure of productivity - I'm impressed ;-)

    Have a great day!

  4. The picture looks so nice. It's like a happy-place :D :)

    And wow! I see you've done a lot! Just keep trying and never give up :)


  5. Laura-> I replied to your e-mail earlier. Thank you so much for your help!

    Mood -> Thank you! I'm checking out that site tonight. I need all the help I can get.

    Shari -> In some ways, I LOVE rejection letters. I know it sounds odd, but it is the sign of productivity.

    B -> I will never give up! ;)

  6. The picture is lovely!! Keep going!!

    And eight rejections?? don't worry!!! Don't quit!!

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips for Writers