Saturday, February 25, 2012

Buying for my Kindle

Support literary journals! 

I wish I could shout this from  the rooftops.  The only way authors will ever have a chance to publish our writing is if we continue to support the places where our words get published.  That said, I purchased subscriptions to One Story and The First Line tonight.  They were cost-effective because I purchased them for my Kindle.  Neither one was over a $1.50.  The other pluses to having them on my kindle is that (one) I will never misplace them and (two) I will never have to find a place to store them. 

I'm off to read in bed.  And, as you can see, because I am posting to my blog... I am home!  My family member is out of the hospital after 17 days, plus the five days or so I stayed at their home after they were released. So I am going to my OWN bed to read.  It feels great to be getting back to my home and to my routine.  I haven't started writing yet, but that will come. 


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